How to choose a TV stand

Apart from improving your TV-watching experience, a TV stand protects your television and offers storage for various gadgets and accessories. With multiple options flooding the market, it can be daunting to get a TV stand that complements other furniture in the living room without compromising on functionality. Here are 4 aspects to consider when choosing a TV stand.

Get your TV measurements

Start by measuring your TV’s width. You wouldn’t want your TV to be twice the size of the stand. A rule of thumb is to ensure your stand’s width is more than 2-inches wider than your TV’s width. Your stand will dictate the perfect television size for its breadth. Measure the TV from its top-left corner towards the lower right corner. TV stands are available according to the maximum television size they can accommodate, which is demonstrated by that diagonal measurement.

Ascertain Eye Level

This step requires team effort; thus, get your friend seated on any seat in your home. Capture the distance from the floor towards his/her eyes. You may want your TV’s centre to be in that position. Proceed to measure your TV’s height and divide the result by two to identify its centre. Subtract that figure from the total distance of the surface to your friend’s eyes. This will get you the perfect height for your TV stand.

Select the style of TV stand

With a wide assortment of options, you are certain to get an entertainment platform that’s coherent with your current décor.

You can opt for a transitional TV stand if you are searching for a transitional style that complements modern and traditional aesthetics to create a simple but sophisticated outlook. Transitional TV stands are available in neutral tones and the missing hue creates a serene setting.

Stand’s features

There are stands with compartments for several AV components and electronic gadgets that accentuate your viewing experience. Others have advanced cable management units that make your living room look neat and tidy by hiding cables from plain view. You can also opt for stands with compartments for gaming consoles, credenzas and TV hutches. Some TV stands come with appliances to minimize the overheating of multiple AV components.

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Ideas for Creating a Cosy Reading Nook

Creating a cosy reading nook is a very good idea to have a comfortable and serene place where you can chat with friends and undertake your revision. As such, a reading nook should always provide a cool, quiet place that always builds your concentration and motivation. Thus, house owners should always look for a perfect place in the house which is peaceful and free from distractions. Moreover, the room should be covered with your favourite photos or artwork.

Some of the best techniques to design a reading nook include:

Locate a Suitable Spot

The most favourable spot in your house would be a place in your living room, a peaceful place in your bedroom or a separate place in your basement. Similarly, you may rearrange your living room or bedroom to create a suitable ideal place. The place should be quiet that is free from loud noises such as TVs and Speakers to avoid disturbances when one is reading. Lastly, the area should be close to a large where there is free air circulation and accessible natural light.

Make it Comfortable

Furthermore, reading nook ideas from Tylko should be appealing and encouraging to a learner when undertaking their studies. Also, surround yourself with warm, soft pillows and blankets. Such properly woven pillows are ideal during cold seasons. Lastly, choose your best-loved texture, patterns and appearance for such accessories to ensure you feel secure and warm.

Create a Spacious Bookshelf

Renters and homeowners should construct a collective bookshelf that can accommodate all their books and novels. The bookshelf should be well labeled to clearly indicate the type of book stored in them. As such, this enables a reader to quickly pick the book they intend to read at a particular time. Moreover, the bookshelf should always be painted with your best colors.

Add Some Green Plants

Besides, homeowners are advised to add green plants and flowers in the reading nook to bring a sense of freshness in the area. Lastly, the flowers should have a sweet fragrance that can motivate them during your reading periods.

Improve the Lightning

A reading nook should always be subject to excellent air circulation and sunlight. Therefore, learners are advised to locate the reading nook close to a door or a large window where there is free-flow natural light. Alternatively, you can invest in artificial lighting by installing table lamps or floor lamps to provide adequate lighting.

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Tips to Improve Your Living Room Design

Your living room welcomes guests into your home. It gives the first impression of your real decorating taste. So, it is vital to take the time to decorate it accordingly. The living room design should also create a relaxing atmosphere where you and your family can relax comfortably. Getting the right design for your living room can be difficult. The following are tips to help make your living room more inviting.

Comfy Sofas

A cozy living room should have sofas and seats made out of soft, plush fabrics that invite guests to relax on them. You can further enhance the comfort using soft, plush throw pillows made of the similar material. The pillow can contrast in color with the sofas or chairs. This furniture should offer complete comfort.


Flooring is another important consideration for a living room. Hardwood floors are a popular choice since they are easy to clean, but they are cold. If you need to keep your home, carpeting is the best option. Carpeting will maintain the room’s heat better than hardwood flooring, making the room warmer. Ensure the carpet or rug matches the other décor in the living room. If your living room is small, go for light-colored flooring, it gives an illusion of ample space.

Have a Focal point

Do you want a stylish living room? Then you definitely need an excellent focal point. A focal point s is an item or certain design features that automatically draw your eyes to them when you enter the room. You can build a stunning bookshelf above the fireplace. Or you can consider having a large TV and a sound system as your focal point. Remember to position your seating and the TV at a reasonable distance for good viewing and clear sound.

Clear walls and remove clutter

A living area is supposed to be free from all clutter and spacious. To achieve this, get rid of unwanted furniture and clear the walls. Have only five pictures on the walls. This will make the room feel bigger and less cluttered.

Living rooms should be places of comfort. They should be conducive for socializing and mingling with guests as well as watching TV. With the above tips, your living spaces will bring comfort and relaxation to all its dwellers.

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